Critique in Art and Design

Critique as Learning Strategy in Art and Design Education. Learning in the Making serves as the research team for Provost Elissa Tenney’s (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) work exploring how critique functions in higher education classrooms. With the Spencer Foundation’s support, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has collaborated with six leading schools of art and design to plan a research project on higher education in art and design. With the information gleaned from the Spencer-funded planning period, the research project described in this proposal has been designed to interrogate how critique may influence metacognition. This study is structured around three broad research questions: (1) What are the varieties of critique practiced at the six partner institutions? (2) Is metacognition manifested and developed in and through critique? (3) What, if any, relationship exists among manifestations of metacognition and the types of critique used?


Halverson, E. R., Saplan, K., Stoiber, A.,& Rabkin, N. (under review). The role of critique in student-artists metacognitive practices. Under review for K. Knutson (Ed.), Multidisciplinary approaches to art learning and creativity: Fostering exploration in formal and informal settings. Routledge.