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Erica is a trained theater artist and co-founder of two theater organizations: Barrel of Monkeys (in Chicago) and Whoopensocker (in Madison). A seasoned singer, actor & dancer, Erica performs regularly, working with the Children’s Theater of Madison, Four Seasons Theatre, and Are We Delicious? while continuing to lead Whoopensocker in collaboration with Theatre Lila. In 2016, Erica celebrated her 40th in style. Cabaret style. Below are a few selections she performed at her birthday party, including an original rap song: 40 is the new AWESOME.





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Halverson, E. R. (2015, January). Learning as a long game: Designing for making in drop-in spaces. National Science Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series, Arlington, VA, January 29, 2015. Audio available at:

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Erica is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at UW-Madison. In that role, she gets to teach a range of courses to undergraduates, graduate students, and teaching artists who want to improve their practice.

Teaching future teachers

Erica teaches several courses for the teacher certification programs including Arts Integration for Teaching and Learning, Technology Integration, and Cultural Foundations of Learning and Development.

Qualitative Research Methods

Erica is an expert in qualitative research methods and teaches a suite of courses including Introduction to Qualitative Methods, as well as field methods courses that focus on Qualitative Data Collection and Data Analysis.

In 2017 and 2018 Erica created a podcast series interviewing experts in Qualitative Research Methods. Produced by Adam Wiesenfarth and co-hosted by professor Simone Schweber, Two Middle-Aged Ladies Talking About Methods spans the field from the role of theory in research to conversation analysis over 12 episodes.

Click here to access the podcast series!

The Arts & Learning

Erica also works with students producing a range of art forms and reflecting on how those art forms are connected to big ideas in teaching and learning. Classes include: Representing Self Through Media: A Personal Journey Through This American Life, Digital Media and Literacy, Mentorship in Participatory Cultures, and Arts Integration for Teaching and Learning.

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